Friday, May 25, 2012

"See-Through" 12" X 12" Oil on panel

The first time I thought I was "finished" with this painting I looked at the plain purple runner and thought it needed something. I decided to put some subtle polka-dots - hopefully, subtle enough not to distract from the other elements.
P.S. I have really been having some Blogger trouble. They were able to fix whatever it was that wouldn't allow me to post or edit or look at data, but getting this post on was a challenge as well. Sometimes, it's unresponsive to me and just goes blank. I'll contact Blogger again, and maybe it'll be a fast fix. Ya think?


  1. You sure did the right thing with that swatch of purple. It looks to me like it could be s silky scarf with bubbles! Your still life is set up nicely done and as usual, you sure nailed those shadow colors and transparency of the bottle.

    Sorry about Blogger. It is a mystery to me also and I am surprised that you were able to get any kind of support:)

  2. Thank you, Libby. I appreciate your encouragement!