Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Good Memories 8" X 8" oil on panel

I remember years ago my mother had a china pattern that
she dearly loved. She bought the plates, cups, saucers, bowls and platters
piece by piece over several years.

This pattern is called Desert Rose by Franciscan. These dishes would be used at 
family dinners or on special occasions.
I saw the photo for this on Morguefile or Paint My Photo
which are both websites that allow photos to be used copyright free.

I used to have the pitcher like this given to me
by my mom. Unfortunately, with all the moves we have
made over the years it was broken. But, because of a serendipitous posting
by a photographer I was treated to another 
wonderful memory of times gone by.


  1. Wow! A beautiful story and a gorgeous piece, Carol! I LOVE the color pink against the white vase...wonderful subtle shadows as well. I remember my Mom getting out her good China when company came over..Sadly, not too many people do that anymore.. Including myself. It's wonderful seeing your post ...I've missed your beautiful work.

    1. I thank you, Hilda, for such sweet comments! Isn't it funny how memories come around again and again? I guess many such thoughts are stored in the mind for future reference. I'm afraid to admit that our nice china is used about four times a year. Our "everyday" dinnerware is Corelle, and it has been very serviceable!

      I look at your latest portrait often! You really have such a gift for catching the inner person as well as the outer person.

  2. A beautiful painting, Carol. The colors speak to me!
    I temember when i came to this country i was very attracted to Desert Rose because it was dimensional. Not smooth like the china i was used to. Quite a few friends collected it by adding a extra pieces to what they got when they got married. It was very popular. This was a nice trip down memory lane. Thank you.

    1. Julie, I never thought about that, but you are exactly right! They made it so the flowers, leaves and stems stick out from the surface. What a marvelous idea someone had. I know my mom saved her "pocket money" so she could add onto the pieces she already had. Franciscan even had salt and pepper shakers shaped like rosebuds.

  3. What a beautiful and sweet painting Carol, really like the pitcher and the lovely color of the flowers . Pitchers are one of the things I can't seem to get enough of, they speak to me , and this one is so pretty, a pity it broke. But memories stay.

    1. Thank you, Jane, for your kind words! I have found that I'm rather "rusty" coming back into painting. I've learned now that you can't neglect a skill like art-making, then expect to pop back in and resume where you left off. A lesson for Carol!

      I have seen your beautiful pitchers in your paintings and love them. They are always so graceful and add an elegance to the scene.


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