Tuesday, February 22, 2011


The Daily Paintworks Challenges continue with a new one posted every Saturday. This week's challenge was posted by Michael Naples who asked all participants to paint the Zippo lighter he had pictured using ONLY Titanium White, Ultramarine Blue and Burnt Sienna. The color combinations needed can be obtained by mixing only those colors in various combinations. This is a little trickier using pastel as the medium as the way to "mix" colors there is to crosshatch the strokes or to blend or scumble with the pastel stick. Either method will mix the colors optically. I must admit  that the background and foreground were done using one of these methods, but the lighter itself was painted using the pastel stick that most closely matched the color I needed. The spaces in the lighter were just too small for me to crosshatch or scumble. I really did enjoy doing the reflections in the chrome of the lighter. Something new for me.                                                                    


  1. I saw many of these at the group challenge site. I like how your painting turned out - good reflections and great shine on the metal.

  2. Thank you, Rhonda. I think Michael Naples made some excellent points in color mixing in this challenge. And the saying, "Draw what you see, not what you know" is very true with regards to reflections.