Wednesday, January 19, 2011

"TRAILHEAD BEAUTY" 6" X 8" Oil on panel

Whenever Acacia or Palo Verde are in bloom it sometimes takes my breath away to see the stunning, brilliant yellow color of the blossoms. The life of the blossoms is relatively short-lived but what a visual treat while they last!
I rarely use a palette knife in painting not because I don't like the effect, but because I really don't know the technique. I did use one in this painting mostly for the masses of yellow blossoms, and I really enjoyed it. I guess I should just let loose and practice over and over. Any suggestions for good results?


  1. Carol-I don't know much about that technique. I think though that you succeeded in adding a textural quality without adding a bunch of fussy details. I like the definiteness of that bush contrasted with the hazier background. Really pretty piece.

  2. Appreciate you writing, Libby. I think I need to study the work of artists who are experienced with palette knives. I just received my issue of International Artist a couple of days ago and they profiled an artist from Slovakia, Tibor Nagy, who is a master with the knife. I need to research others as well. Nice to hear from you.