Wednesday, January 26, 2011

"ANOTHER SUNRISE" 11" X 14" Pastel

This pastel goes along with the previous one in subject matter. Every spring we have House Finches arrive in this area. One year a couple built a nest in a tree/shrub just feet from our front door. Three eggs hatched and we were able to inconspicuously observe (actually "spy on") them until they left the nest. Amazing to watch. What I really enjoyed in painting this one was the cactus. The mottled colors and interesting edges were fun, and I did more blending with my fingers than I usually do.                                             


  1. I really like this one - perhaps it's those orange-red and yellow-green colors that play so nicely off each other. I like the variety of colors you got in the bird and in the cacti, too.

  2. Thank you, Rhonda. I think one of the enticements of pastel as a medium is the sheer number and range of colors offered. Whenever I see a display of pastel sticks in an art store, I feel like the same as when I go into a See's Candy store and look at all the chocolates - "Please give me one of each!" Appreciate your comment very much.