Saturday, October 23, 2010

"I GOT YOU, BABE" Oil on panel 6" X 6" Sold

Sometimes, I feel like I want to try something new...out of my comfort zone. One of my favorite artists is Andre Kohn, an absolute master of figures. The texture he uses as a ground adds another level of appreciation for his paintings as it gives the light more planes on which it can reflect. Also, he uses a limited palette of colors - several neutrals such as grays, browns, ochres, whites and blacks. Just stunning work!

I thought I might try his technique even though I'm not quite sure of the material he uses for texture. I "palette-knifed" modeling gel on the background and let it dry. Then I added a thin wash of oil paint as an underpainting. I've been experimenting with brighter underpaintings and this one was transparent red. I painted the figures letting the underpainting show through in places.

I thought the bumps and crevices might be difficult to paint on especially in the sections that had more defined strokes, but not so. I'm anxious to varnish the work when it dries to see  how the texture affects the shine, but I'm kind of enthused about the results. What do you think? I'd really appreciate some input. I am going to do a couple more small paintings with this technique and work hard also on "loosening up" which has been a bugaboo for me since the beginning.


  1. Hello! I was poking around on Google and found your link to this picture. I love the look of it and that you used the red underpainting. It really works! I also then looked through some of your blog posts and really like what I see. I noticed that you are in Green Valley. I live in Tucson and am just starting to get serious about painting now that my kids are grown. Do you ever go to the Drawing Studio in Tucson? Do you take (or have you taken) any classes in the Green Valley or Tucson area? I have been taking classes at Pima Community College and have also taken a couple classes at The Drawing Studio. Any way, I don't really know many artists in the area, so thought it would be fun to follow your blog.

  2. HI, Mary! I'm so glad your "poking around" brought you by! ANd it is delightful to know that you live just a bit north of me! I think it's great that now your children are grown, you're able to delve further into the wonderful world of art-making.

    I have taken a couple of classes here locally through GVR as a guest, and several through the wonderful art store we USED to have in town. I haven't gone to the Drawing Studio , but I will look on the net to see schedules and classes. Thank you!

    Hope you will enjoy your journey and will post your artwork. I look forward to hearing from you again!